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There is no shortage of options when it comes to banking. Digital-only banks have opened up dozens of possibilities in Waco, Texas and beyond. So, when deciding which bank is right for you, here’s a tip: local banks can offer many benefits that national or international banks can’t. Below, check out some of the ways TFNB goes above and beyond to be Your Bank for Life.

Personalized Customer Service

Your bank is more than a checking account. If you need a loan, want to start a business, or are ready to buy a home, you need to feel comfortable going to your bank for guidance. We offer a banking expert right around the corner, not an online FAQ page or a call center hundreds of miles away. You need someone who remembers your name and takes time to review the details of your finances. Local banking professionals, like those at TFNB, serve their own communities and neighbors. They care about going the extra mile to provide personal attention that national banks can’t match.

Local Decision Making

When you apply for a loan at a large national bank, someone in a distant corporate office reviews your application. Then, when you have questions, you may talk to a completely different person. Local banking offers local decision making and consistent service. TFNB can make decisions quickly and offer flexible terms tailored to your situation.

Meaningful Investments

Local banks don’t use your money to invest in multinational corporations. They lend to local businesses that you visit every day. If supporting the local economy is important to you, there’s no better way to start than by banking local! TFNB commercial loans help provide jobs, goods, and services right here in Waco.

Charitable Support

A local bank like TFNB seeks ways to help their community because they want it to succeed. For TFNB, Waco isn’t just a customer base, it’s home. Since 2014, TFNB has been honoring and supporting nonprofit organizations within our community. Every year, we give new organizations the title of “Charity Champions.” These local heroes receive a free marketing campaign, including recognition at Baylor sporting events. They also receive leadership development training to help them better serve the community.

Plentiful Resources

TFNB knows that you value technology, convenience, and expertise from your bank. That’s why we offer easy-to-use online and mobile banking services, including mobile check deposit and bill pay. We have a team of experienced financial experts, who often come to TFNB from larger institutions because of our community-focused culture and mission.

TFNB is Waco’s Local Bank

If you’re looking for expertise, friendly, consistent service, and community support from your local bank, call TFNB. We can’t wait to show you why TFNB should be Your Bank for Life.

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