Bodyhack Labs: Waco’s Totally New Approach to Fitness

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Increased energy, better mood: who wouldn’t want those things?

The new Bodyhack Labs at 600 Columbus Avenue in Waco promises those benefits and more. Open since December 2019, it’s a totally new fitness concept for Waco — one that serves more than just fitness junkies or experienced athletes.

During National Small Business Month this May, TFNB is celebrating entrepreneurs like Steve and Meagan Cook of Bodyhack Labs. This month, and all year long, we are proud to partner with those who make Waco a better place to call home. 


What is Bodyhack Labs?

Bodyhack Labs is a holistic, evidence-based personal health and fitness solution. The approach uses technology to drastically shorten workout times while increasing the physical results.

Founders Steve and Meagan Cook relocated to Waco from the Dallas area, but it was Steve’s time living in Los Angeles that gave him the inspiration for Bodyhack Labs’ unique “biohacking” technology. A similar type of fitness center in California was offering not only shorter workouts and personal one-on-one coaching, but better results than traditional workouts. Steve knew that type of philosophy could translate anywhere — not just the saturated fitness market in LA.

“The growth of big box gyms is slowing down while private, efficiency style gyms are gaining popularity,” Steve says. “We wanted to create a cool version of that — a personal workout experience that feels exclusive but is still approachable.” 


When asked how many times they had worked out in the past week, 38.6% of Waco respondents said either not at all or one day.

It’s likely not a surprise: lots of busy Wacoans

  • can’t find enough time to dedicate to fitness
  • aren’t prioritizing physical health
  • or have tried exercising in the past without being able to form a successful habit.

Bodyhack Labs offers these people a new way to prioritize their health, without taking up too much of their day. It’s the perfect solution for those who feel uninspired with typical gym memberships and don’t have the time to dedicate toward traditional workouts.


How Does it Work?

Steve and Meagan had always loved working out, but they struggled to do so with the limited time that comes from working a full-time job. (Something many Wacoans can probably relate to.) That’s why the Bodyhack Labs program is built around short workouts just 2 to 3 times a week.

Bodyhack Labs says the average visit to their location is just 15 minutes and doesn’t even require a wardrobe change.

This is possible because of how advanced and innovative their equipment is. For instance, their Vasper Cold HIIT machine can achieve the benefits of an intense, 2-hour workout with just 21 minutes of low-impact exercise. These machines are the real deal: they maximize every part of your workout to get the maximum benefit in the minimum amount of time.

Bodyhack’s model relies on resistance-based technology. It’s a trend that is used by pro athletes and Olympians, but benefits people of all body types, ages, and fitness levels. Whether you’re looking for muscle gain, weight loss, overall wellness, or recovery from injuries or extreme athletics, Steve, Meagan, and their team will craft a plan perfectly tailored to achieve your goals.

Steve notes that because this was their first go at operating a gym like this, it took a little while for all the pieces to come together. “This new concept was something we always believed in, but we didn’t have all the answers for it at first. We learned by trial and error as we built our brand. We quickly figured out what works and what doesn’t.”

One thing they realized early on? Their decision to open in Waco was a good one. 


Waco: The Perfect Size for Big Ideas

Steve knew that in many ways, introducing a new concept like Bodyhack Labs in Waco would be easier than in a large, competitive market like Dallas or Austin. And after just a year and a half in business (including several months of shut-down due to COVID-19), Bodyhack is already looking forward to moving to a bigger space to accommodate their growing clientele.

“We now have a clear direction for growth,” Steve says, mentioning that the future home of Bodyhack Labs will be at The Outlook at Bosque Ridge. The space will be three times larger than their current facility.

This next move will hopefully not be the last. In the future, the Cooks have plans to expand their business. Right now, the sky’s the limit when it comes to an “end goal” for Bodyhack Labs.

TFNB is Proud to Partner with Bodyhack Labs

Very few entrepreneurs, the Cooks included, have the funding they need to get a business off the ground. That’s where TFNB was happy to help.

“We worked with TFNB for all of our business loans,” Steve says. “When we moved to Central Texas, we were banking personally with a national bank. We had no complaints really, but banking locally is a totally different experience.”

Steve says the personal connection they’ve been able to develop with members of the TFNB team has been invaluable. TFNB fully believed in the Bodyhack Labs idea, which made a world of difference. “From day one to move-in, TFNB has been integral to our business.”

We are inspired by Steve and Meagan’s entrepreneurial spirit. As first-time Central Texas entrepreneurs, they took a leap of faith to bring something totally new and valuable to the Waco area.

If you’re ready for a new way to get in shape, lose weight, or just feel better, we recommend you see the Cooks at Bodyhack Labs!

Learn more or schedule a first-time visit at

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