Business Credit Cards

A safe, rewarding, and simple lending solution for your small business

Credit cards can be great financial tools — not just for yourself, but for your business. Learn more about the benefits of opening a commercial credit card with TFNB below

Benefits of a commercial credit card

A commercial credit card can offer valuable rewards, cash flow solutions, and more.

Higher Credit Limits. Small business credit cards usually come with greater spending power. That’s because credit limits depend on several factors, including:

  • personal income
  • business revenue
  • creditworthiness

If business revenue is higher than your personal income, you could qualify for a higher credit limit. This lets your business buy what you need to grow in the future.

Easy expense tracking: At the end of each calendar year, many credit card companies give you an itemized report of your annual spending. Personal credit cards generally don’t offer this. But this isn’t the only way a credit card can make tracking expenses easier. For instance, some commercial cards offer free employee cards. You can customize the spending limit on each. This allows you to track costs associated with individual employees or entire departments.

Separation of personal and business expenses: With a dedicated commercial card, you won’t need to pay for business expenses on your personal credit card. Like a line of credit, a credit card makes it easier to separate expenses. For some businesses, it’s easier to qualify for a commercial credit card than a line of credit.

Cash flow: When cash runs low, a commercial credit card can help pay for what you need. Instant access to credit keeps you from having to put the business on hold. Once revenue starts coming in, make payments online to keep your balance in check.

Rewards: A commercial credit card offers incentives when you use it each month. Depending on the type of reward card, you can accumulate points, cashback, or airline miles. Redeem these to help cover a few business expenses or reward yourself.

Apply for your business credit card at TFNB

With TFNB, you can choose between both VISA and MasterCard commercial cards. Each commercial card has unique rewards, incentives, and payment peace of mind.

For instance, most commercial cards offer:

  • 24-hour help for lost or stolen cards, emergency card replacement, and cash advances
  • free travel and/or accident insurance for peace of mind on business trips anywhere in the world
  • financial protection from employee misuse or fraud
  • purchase protection that often goes above and beyond the seller’s warranty

And, when you apply through TFNB, get even more rewards. Our special Dream Points rewards program helps you earn extra points just for using TFNB.

With our Dream Points® bonus rewards, you are:

  • automatically enrolled
  • never charged annual or membership fees
  • rewarded one point for every $1 in qualified purchases
  • able to save points for up to three years after you receive them
  • allowed up to 200,000 points per calendar year (January 1 – December 31)

You can redeem Dream Points® for:

  • cash back
  • airline discounts
  • discounts on products and services your business needs

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