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Line Of Credit

Open a line of credit for your small business

It’s normal for new and growing businesses to face cash flow problems. Yet, a lack of cash can cause stress and financial strain month-to-month. A line of credit through TFNB Your Bank For Life can be a great solution. It’s like a commercial credit card, but with some key differences:

What is a line of credit?

A line of credit keeps cash ready and accessible to your business. You can use funds from your line of credit to pay for all your business needs. Unlike a commercial loan, a line of credit isn’t a lump-sum payment upfront. Instead, you only borrow what you need (up to the credit limit) and pay interest only on what you borrow.

Lines of credit are helpful for covering regular expenses to help with cash flow. If you need to make a larger purchase at a specific price, a commercial loan may be a better option.

TFNB’s commercial lines of credit are subject to credit review and annual renewal. Interest accumulation and payment are similar to a credit card. As soon as you withdraw funds from your line of credit, you incur accumulating interest fees. Once you pay back all the funds you’ve borrowed, that amount is available for you to borrow again.

Ready to open a line of credit for your small business? We’d love to help.

Commercial credit card vs. line of credit

Credit cards: commercial credit cards function much like your personal credit card.


  • Easy application process. You can apply and get approved in just a day or two.
  • Valuable rewards programs or cashback incentives.
  • Most credit cards include built-in travel insurance and purchase protection benefits.
  • Interest-free grace periods can provide valuable savings when used strategically.


  • High cash advance fees can hurt businesses that regularly need cash-on-hand.
  • Not all vendors accept credit cards, which could limit how you use your borrowed funds.
  • Credit application and approval relies on your personal credit, not your company’s.

Lines of credit: this option has some cash benefits your business may need with fewer bells and whistles.


  • Deposit funds directly into a checking account. You can write checks or pay with cash.
  • Interest-only payments mean no APR or annual fees.
  • No cash advance fees make it easier and more affordable to access cash.
  • Helps build a credit history for your business.


  • No interest-free grace period means interest accumulates as soon as you draw funds.
  • Smaller lines of credit for new businesses could impact the limit you’re approved for.
  • If cash back or airline miles are important to you, a line of credit may not offer the perks you want.
  • Property or other assets may be used as collateral when applying for a secured line of credit.

What are Edge Accounts?

Line Of Credit
Line Of Credit
Life's Edge Checking Accounts | TFNB
Line Of Credit
Line Of Credit

Apply for a commercial line of credit in Waco

Lines of credit are just one lending option for small businesses at TFNB. Our lending team can help you decide which solution is right for you. They’ll also help you understand the credit limit your business may qualify for. After applying, we can approve your loan or line of credit in as little as 1-2 business days!

To get started, or to learn more about commercial lines of credit, fill out the form.