Online Banking for Your Waco Business

You shouldn’t have to choose between technology and service when it comes to banking. With TFNB, you don’t have to. 

We offer many of the same digital services as national banks with friendly customer service only a local bank can provide.

Online banking for your small business is one way we make it easier to stay in control of your finances. Learn more or set up your online account today! Contact our TFNB team using the form below.

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Benefits of Online Banking for Your Waco Business

You need fast, convenient banking solutions to power your business. With a few clicks, you can easily track cash flow through TFNB Your Bank for Life’s online banking service.

Here’s why so many area businesses take advantage of online banking.

It’s quick: It only takes seconds to log on and check your accounts from any device. When you need information fast, online banking is your best resource.

It’s comprehensive: Online banking puts you in control of your finances.

From the convenience of your computer or phone:

  • check account statements
  • track deposits and charges
  • deposit checks
  • pay bills
  • make ACH payments
  • transfer funds

It’s convenient: We love seeing our customers, but some days you can’t make it to the bank. Don’t put your banking needs on hold just because you can’t make it into one of our four locations. Enable Touch/Face ID login and you don’t even need to remember your password to access your accounts.

It’s safe: Your privacy is our top priority. We use industry-leading encryption standards, fraud monitoring practices, and anti-virus software. Our security practices protect your account and personal information from criminal activity. Also, online banking makes it easy to monitor your accounts for fraudulent charges. Stay on top of suspicious activity by monitoring the daily updates on your account. Use biometric login to add even more security to your account.

It’s practical: TFNB online banking integrates with software applications you use to run your business. Microsoft Excel, Quicken, and Quickbooks can pull information right from your account. Save time and energy with seamless bookkeeping and payroll direct deposit.

Tips for Practicing Safe Online Banking

We consistently update our security standards to keep your account information safe online. Still, there are steps you can take to further protect your private information.

We recommend:

Using a strong password. When creating your online account, our system requires a strong password. Try to use a mix of capital letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Length is more important than complexity. Try using a passphrase that’s easy to remember instead (e.g., TFNBismybankforlife2020!). Consider using password managers to keep track of all your important accounts.

Avoiding public WiFi networks. Public WiFi networks, like coffee shops or hotel lobbies, aren’t protected. This can increase your potential for hackers getting into your device. Only use WiFi networks you know and trust. When in doubt, switch to cellular data.

Using your own computer or device. When logging into your TFNB Bank Account, use your personal device. Don’t log in using shared computers or devices. Only access your account from password-protected, safe WiFi networks at your home or office.

Checking your accounts regularly. Review every transaction in your accounts. Double-check bank statements for accuracy. This will help you report a fraudulent charge faster. You will also make it quicker to deactivate or credit or debit card. The faster you see and report fraud, the easier it is to protect your money and private information.

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