Fuzzy Friends Rescue Selected a Charity Champion

fuzzyfriendswinnerlogoMCGREGOR, TX (September 10, 2016) — Fuzzy Friends Rescue has been selected a Charity Champion, and the nonprofit will be the focus of a marketing campaign and leadership training by 360 Solutions, both funded by the bank.

The goal of Fuzzy Friends Rescue marketing campaign will be to help the non-profit meet their current needs. Fuzzy Friends Rescue is looking for a new or gently used SUV to transport the dogs and cats to and from the veterinarian.  It is also in need of $25,000 in donations to its Angel Heart Medical Fund to help cover medical expenses for the rescued pets. Approximately 90 percent of the rescued pets require some sort of medical attention.

Fuzzy Friends rescues 800-900 dogs and cats each year and never euthanize one to make room for another. Since being founded, Fuzzy Friends Rescue has saved approximately 14,800 dogs and cats. In 2012, Fuzzy Friends took in 20 animals from the City of Waco Shelter. Last year, that number increased to 170.

“Fuzzy Friends is playing a vital role in helping the City of Waco become a no-kill Animal Shelter,” said Fuzzy Friends Rescue founder Betsy Robinson. “We are thrilled that our efforts have been recognized, and we look forward to the opportunities that being a Charity Champion will provide our organization.”

Robinson says that Fuzzy Friends Rescue takes pride in healing many broken and neglected animals and transforming them into adoptable pets. Approximately 750 animals are adopted annually from Fuzzy Friends Rescue. The non-profit works to get the dogs and cats adopted as soon as possible although some pets stay at Fuzzy Friends until they receive necessary medical attention. With the help of donations, Fuzzy Friends Rescue will be able to offer the best care and medical treatment to the animals while they are there.

Fuzzy Friends Rescue Charity Champion announcement was made at the SMU vs. Baylor game September 10th.

About Fuzzy Friends Rescue
Founded in 1997, Fuzzy Friends Rescue believes that animals are entitled to quality life, respect, and compassion.  The nonprofit works to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership. It is the largest no-kill animal shelter within 100 miles of Waco, Texas.  Fuzzy Friends takes care of all dogs and cats that they rescue until they are adopted.  Visit www.fuzzyfriendsrescue.com to learn more.