Rewarding You for Banking with Us

TFNB’s Life’s Edge checking accounts reward you for banking with us, and they’re free.  Every month, you can earn high interest with an Extra Edge checking account,  or cash back with a Cash Edge checking account, or rewards from iTunes,, and Google Play with an Edge Tunes checking account. Edge Plus is an add-on feature for these checking accounts, which is available customers for a low monthly fee. It includes:

  • TFNB checking account statements mailed to you each month
  • Free coin counting
  • Free box of checks annually – regular wallet checks (120)
  • Free notary service

With Edge Tunes checking, you earn free digital downloads on iTunes, Amazon and/or Google Play. Edge Tunes checking is a free account with no minimum balance requirement or per check charge. Just for opening an Edge Tunes account with a $50 minimum deposit, TFNB will give you a $20 sign-up bonus to spend on music and other digital downloads. After that, we give you up to $10 every month if you qualify.

A little cash back every month can add up big for TFNB customers with Cash Edge Checking. Every month, you can earn two percent cash back, up to $8 per month.

Get an edge on life with TFNB’s Extra Edge Checking Account. You can qualify for three percent interest on up to $15,000 simply by using TFNB products each month.

Here’s what you do to qualify for Edge Tunes, Cash Edge, and Extra Edge checking rewards:

  • Pay for purchases using your TFNB Debit card at least 12 times a month ($5 minimum per transaction).
  • Login to your TFNB online bank account or use the TFNB mobile app at least once a month.
  • For Cash Edge Extra Edge account holders, use Bill Pay, Direct Deposit or ACH at least once a month.

At the end of every month, TFNB will email you to let you know if you qualified for your reward.   If so, you are entitled to ATM fee refunds up to $25 nationwide the following month. There are no penalties and no fees if you do not meet rewards qualifications…simply try again next month.

We’re focused on empowering our customers and community, so our checking accounts are tailored to meet your demanding needs in today’s hectic world. You can access your accounts by ATM, Point of Sale, voice banking, internet banking, and iPhone or Android app. You will have 24/7 access to your funds at all times.

Please see a new account representative for full disclosures.

*Must be of legal age to contract to open a deposit account.

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