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Here at TFNB, we think that there are three great words that describe the new TFNB Chip Debit Card: Easy. Safe. Secure.

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It’s easy to use the new TFNB Chip Debit Card because it does all the things your old card did. Whether you’re shopping, vacationing, or dining out, you can take advantage of your TFNB Chip Debit Card anywhere, anytime. Just like your old card, the TFNB Chip Debit Card is connected to your checking account for ease and convenience. And because you’ll use it like a debit card, you can keep your PIN. It only takes a few minutes to activate your new TFNB Chip Debit Card. After that, you are ready to go and do all the things you love. Now isn’t that easy?


Your old TFNB Debit Card only had a magnetic strip on the back, and it didn’t have a microprocessor chip. It’s safe to use the new card because it contains a state-of-the-art embedded microprocessor chip that encrypts all transaction information. The chip has been added to your new card in order to make it less vulnerable to various kinds of credit card fraud. With the new TFNB Chip Debit Card, you can shop at your favorite stores with greater peace of mind.


It’s secure because the microprocessor chip in the new TFNB Chip Debit Card creates a secure channel with a unique code every time you use it. This means it is practically impossible for anyone to duplicate your card through credit card skimming or hacking. Every time you make a purchase, a new code is created which cannot be linked with your 16 digit card number. That means you have the security of knowing that your card number won’t be shared every time you make a transaction. As a result, you’ll enjoy greater security with every purchase you make.

Common Questions

When will my new card arrive in the mail?

TFNB will issue all customers their new cards beginning March 6, 2017. Your card should arrive through the mail within the first week of March.

What happens after I get my new card?

First, you will activate your new TFNB Chip Debit Card in a few easy steps. Follow the written instructions that are printed on the removable strip attached to your card. Then, you will need to destroy your old card.

Does my PIN change when I switch to the new Chip card? 

The answer is no. You can keep your same Pin.

Will my new card look different?

Your new card will look similar to your old card. The new TFNB Chip Debit Card will have the magnetic strip on the outside, but in addition it will have the micro-processor chip embedded on the inside. You will see the same matching 16 digit number on the front. However, there will be a new expiration date.

Can I still use my old card?

Yes, but only for a short time. Your old card will be deactivated starting April 10, 2017. Until then you can take advantage of either card. Beginning April 11, 2017, you will exclusively use your new TFNB Chip Debit Card.

How do I use my new card?

You’ll be able to do two things with your new TFNB Chip Debit Card: Swipe it or Chip it. To Swipe your card, simply do what you have always done—slide the card through the POS terminal. To Chip your new card, place it in the terminal slot and leave it there for a few seconds during the transaction. If you make use of the Debit function, simply type your PIN. If you choose the Credit option, your signature will sometimes be required.

Will my new card be accepted everywhere I shop and at ATM machines?

Yes, the new TFNB Chip Debit Card will be accepted at any retailer site or ATM machine that meets EMV Standards. Most “Point of Service” terminals (POS) will accept the microprocessor chip in your new card, including all TFNB ATM’s.  If a POS terminal does not meet EMV Standards and cannot read the chip, the retailer will read the magnetic strip on your new card. Whether you Swipe it or Chip it your new card is fully functional and ready to use anywhere, anytime.

What if I lose my New Card?

No worries! Just drop by either TFNB branch location in downtown McGregor or South Bosque McGregor. We will print your new TFNB Chip Debit Card in a few short minutes. Replacing your card is fast and convenient.

Fun Facts

What does EMV stand for?

EMV is the shortened version of Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. These three organizations developed the technology for the microchip credit card and established the global EMV Standard in 1996. Since then, several other businesses have joined the original three to form a company called EMVCo.

Do EMV Cards have Nicknames?

Another name for EMV is “Smart Cards.” Other nicknames include “Chip and Pin” or “Chip and Signature” Cards. Your new TFNP Chip Debit Card is an EMV Card.

Are EMV Cards accepted globally?

EMV Cards have been standard in Europe and Canada for decades, and all POS terminals are EMV compliant. Just recently the United States began to slowly roll out EMV cards, joining more than 20 other countries worldwide that have been doing the same. Travelers abroad will be glad to know that their EMV card will most likely be accepted at POS terminals in countries that are compliant with the EMV Standard.

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