Coming soon to East Waco: TFNB’s 5th location

coming soon to east waco

TFNB Your Bank for Life is opening our 5th full-service location on Historic Elm Avenue. TFNB is currently renovating the former Train Waco building. TFNB also purchased the Gladstone Knight Building across the street to open up a temporary bank while renovating the main location.

“We want every location we have to connect with the community, to connect with the customers,” said David Littlewood, President and CEO of TFNB Your Bank For Life. “And so the people who are in the neighborhood, and they come regularly, we want them to feel at home.”

To that end, TFNB reached out to local community leaders to find out the best way to serve neighborhood.

“TFNB, the fact that they reached out to some of the people in the community, that gives me hope because most people don’t do that,” said East Waco Business Leader Wannika Muhammad. “They don’t ask the community what their needs are. I appreciate this institution doing that.”

“Understanding the needs of the community the bank can better service that area,” said Carla Dotson, another East Waco business owner. “As far as East Waco, to come in and help make that community a little stronger.”