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Credit card services in Waco and McGregor.

Credit cards are a safe and convenient way to make purchases online, at the gas pump, or in restaurants and stores around the world. At TFNB, we offer both MasterCard and VISA credit cards. Both offer distinct rewards and advantages for our customers.*

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The benefits of having a credit card with TFNB

With so many credit card providers, it can be hard to decide which to choose. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy. At TFNB you’ll receive the same benefits national credit card providers offer, plus extra rewards just for being a TFNB customer.

Reasons to choose TFNB for your next credit card:

Peace of mind. Shopping online or at an unfamiliar business carries some risk. Use a TFNB credit card and protect your checking and savings account information from criminals.

Freedom to travel. Businesses, financial institutions, and ATMs around the world accept our credit cards. Wherever you’re going, your TFNB card lets you buy what you need. Customers with the Mastercard World card can also access benefits like concierge and global services. Learn more about Mastercard World benefits here.

Interest-Free grace periods. To make it more affordable to use your credit card, many of our credit cards offer a grace period. That means charges during that time don’t accumulate interest. Purchases made between the end of your billing cycle and the due date for your next payment won’t accumulate interest. You just have to pay your balance in full and not have outstanding cash advances. It’s one way we make it more affordable to use your credit card each month.

Travel accident insurance. MasterCard and VISA cards include complimentary travel accident insurance. In the event of an accident or death anywhere in the world, the policy provides benefits to you or your loved ones.

Charge account protection. With a credit card, you’re not responsible for fraudulent charges. If you see an unfamiliar charge on your credit card statement, report it to customer service. They can freeze your account and send you a new card for free to prevent further fraud.

Bonus rewards. At TFNB, we offer extra incentives when you apply for a credit card through us. Our Preferred Points® rewards programs give you perks on top of what you get through MasterCard or VISA. With our Preferred Points® bonus rewards, you are:

  • automatically enrolled just for having a TFNB card
  • never charged any annual or membership fees
  • rewarded 1 point for every $1 in qualified purchases
  • able to save points for up to 3 years after you receive them
  • allowed up to 200,000 points per calendar year (January 1-December 31)

You can redeem Preferred Points® for:

  • cashback
  • airline discounts
  • gift cards to popular retail stores, restaurants, or hotels
  • merchandise like jewelry, sports equipment, the latest technology, and more

What are Edge Accounts?

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* This product is not a deposit, not FDIC-Insured, not insured by any federal government agency, and not guaranteed by the bank.