TFNB to Open in Triangle Tower, Downtown Waco

By March 21, 2017General, Press Releases
TFNB Groundbreaking image for Triangle Tower

MCGREGOR, TX. (March 21, 2017)— Good things are growing at TFNB Your Bank for Life, which is rapidly widening its reach past McGregor and into Waco and beyond by opening two new locations in Waco. By the end of the year, TFNB will open in Triangle Tower at 510 N. Valley Mills Drive. Then in 2019, TFNB will become the first full-service community bank located in downtown Waco when it opens its 12,000 square foot bank at 901 S. 8th Street. Both locations will offer greater convenience to customers while serving a broader geographic area.

“Community is important to us,” said David Littlewood, TFNB president. “We want our customers to have the convenience of banking where they live and work. That is why we are growing and expanding.”

Downtown Waco BankTFNB’s downtown location will be constructed by Pearson Construction beginning in March, with plans drawn up by Sterling Architects.Triangle Tower, which has a long history of housing various banking institutions, will become the home of TFNB by the end of the year. Almost 10,000 square feet of space will be renovated.

TFNB Triangle Tower

The South Bosque bank was expanded by adding 2,500 square feet to make more room for coreoperations, trust services, and mortgage lending. The downtown McGregor location recently upgraded the teller space where they serve drive-through customers. Chartered in 1889, TFNB opened in McGregor and is the 7th oldest bank in Texas. TFNB serves clients throughout Texas and worldwide.

Littlewood said that TFNB creates partnerships with its customers for all of their financial needs, and takes pride in funding business expansions and building projects. TFNB partnered with Sam and his daughter Lynsey Castillo, owners of La Fiesta Restaurant, which was recently refurbished through TFNB funding, and Shane and Cody Turner, owners of Kunkel Construction and the Hippodrome. Bush’s Chickens owners, Keith and his son Corey, recently partnered with TNFB for a regional franchise expansion. 

Other customers outside of McGregor benefitting from the new locations include Greg May, Greg May Auto Group; Luke Whyte and David Ridley, Waco Tours; Holly Harris and Martha Sanders, Sironia; Honey and Jeff Rader, Honey’s Home+Style; Bruce and Beverly Bowman, the Village Lamp Lighter; Michelle Haas, Image Tek Inc.; and Dillon Meek, city councilman District 4 and Mayor pro tem.

“As we serve more and more customers beyond the McGregor area, we’ve found the need to expand our locations,” said Littlewood. “Our vision was to open a Waco location. The reality is we’re opening two.”