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East Waco Move

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Ryan McCormick

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Ryan McCormick

Ryan McCormick

Ryan McCormick

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Waco, Texas (December 20, 2022)– TFNB Your Bank for Life is moving from the East Waco location they have temporarily occupied at 715 Elm Avenue into the newly renovated Gladstone Knight building across the street at 700 Elm Avenue. This will be the permanent location for TFNB Your Bank for Life’s East Waco location.

Chairman and CEO David Littlewood said, “The historic Gladstone Knight building has been a focal point for decades in both the immediate neighborhood and greater East Waco community. It’s in that vein by which we have restored this iconic landmark to honor the legacy of the community and Reverend Knight.”

TFNB just eclipsed its two-year anniversary in East Waco and is thrilled to continue the trajectory of working alongside this community. The bank now offers a full-service location equipped with a drive through lane, expanded parking and dual ATMs on each side of Elm Avenue.

Stay tuned as there will be more to come regarding exciting plans for future of 715 Elm Avenue!

Waco Mayor Dillon Meek affirmed this advancement by saying, “This is great news for economic development in Waco. Accessibility to bank services is critical for economic development. TFNB’s presence in East Waco is a vehicle to expedite economic prosperity in our city. I am thankful for TFNB‘s commitment to all of Central Texas.”

About TFNB

TFNB was purchased in the 1960s by a group of area businessmen. Two stakeholders were Pat Beard and David Kultgen, lifelong business and law partners. In addition to banking, the two established Waco’s prominent law firm, Beard, Kultgen, Brophy, Bostwick, Dickson & Squires. Pat Beard’s son Mike Beard was hired by the bank after graduating from college, moved to McGregor and since June 1981 has served in just about every role at the bank. It was Mike Beard’s vision to grow the bank’s footprint beyond McGregor.

It was with that goal in mind Mike Beard hired Waco native and banker David Littlewood to join him in McGregor in February 2000. Littlewood brought years of banking experience as well as numerous connections to TFNB and McGregor. In the years since Littlewood joined the bank, his relationship with Beard has become a partnership that has stood the test of time. In 2000 the bank had approximately $65 million in assets and today has grown to just under $800 million in total assets with five locations in Central Texas.

In continuing to execute Mike Beard and David Littlewood’s vision for the bank’s future, TFNB has built a team consisting of a new generation of bankers who will help lead the bank. That group is comprised of what we believe is the best talent in our market and beyond. The bank remains locally owned and in 2015 formed an ESOP to bring our leadership / employee team into the ranks of ownership. At 133 years old, TFNB Your Bank for Life is just getting started!

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