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Earn free digital downloads on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Free music downloads and subscriptions just for using your account

Is music your life? Does every new day need a new playlist? If so, our Edge Tunes Free Checking account is for you! Get up to $10 every month towards music streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music. You can also opt for free digital downloads from the Google Play Store, iTunes, Amazon. Don’t skip this track; Edge Tunes keeps the party going with free music!

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Perks of Edge Tunes:

  • Up to $10 reimbursement every month towards music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, or Amazon Digital.
  • Opt instead for up to $10 reimbursement towards monthly digital downloads from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon Digital.
  • $20 sign-up bonus to spend on digital downloads right away.
  • Up to $25 in nationwide ATM fee refunds each month.

To qualify:

  • Pay using your TFNB debit card at least 12 times a month ($5 minimum per transaction).
  • Login to your TFNB online or mobile banking app at least once a month.
  • Must use TFNB debit card for the purchase of online subscriptions or digital downloads.

To open an account:

  • $50 opening deposit
  • Valid form of ID (Driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.)
  • If your ID does not list your current, physical address, please bring address verification in the form of a utility bill, lease agreement, insurance card, or other bank statement with your current residence listed.

No monthly fees or minimum monthly balance required. No direct deposit requirement. Customers qualify for sign-up bonus if they are switching their account to Edge Tunes from a previous account type. Must make $20 worth of purchases within 60 days for Amazon, iTunes, or Google purchases. If Edge Tunes account is closed within six months of account opening, we will deduct the sign-up bonus at closing.

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What are Edge Accounts?

Edge Accounts are free checking and savings accounts that work for you. Each has a different reward or perk. It’s up to you to decide which works best for your financial goals. Contact us today to start one today!

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