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Home Improvement Loans

Wacoans are no strangers to fixer-uppers

If you’re ready to tackle your own fixer-upper, we have the financing solution for your project. Whether you’re remodeling an outdated kitchen or repairing your home’s foundation, use a home improvement loan from TFNB. Unlike home equity loans, unsecured home improvement loans don’t need collateral. This eliminates risk to your home.

Before you start picking out paint colors or talking with contractors, meet with a TFNB lending professional. We can tell you what loan amount you qualify for.

Ready to learn more about our home improvement loans or start your loan application?

What can you use a home improvement loan for?

There are very few limitations when it comes to how you can use home improvement loan funds. Just about every home renovation, repair, or addition qualifies.

These may include:

  • Landscaping your yard
  • Adding a security system
  • Building a garage or guesthouse
  • Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom
  • Constructing a new addition
  • Repairing the roof
  • Replacing windows
  • Updating plumbing or electrical work
  • Installing solar panels
  • Building an inground pool

What are the benefits of a home improvement loan?

There are plenty of reasons why a home improvement loan is a great choice.

Savings protection. Home rehab projects don’t have to diminish your savings. Keep your savings working for you in a CD or money market fund and opt for a low-interest loan. Not only can you pay it off in manageable monthly sums, but it can also boost your credit score.

Lower interest. You could rack up significant interest fees if you pay for labor and materials with your credit card. You’ll likely pay more in interest over time than if you had secured a lower-interest loan.

No collateral needed. Unlike home equity loans, home improvement loans are unsecured. That means you don’t have to put your home up as collateral. This can raise interest rates for home improvement loans. However, many people prefer this option to minimize risk to their homes.

Predictable payment plans. Home improvement loans feature a fixed interest rate and repayment period. You can confidently budget for your project each month. If interest rates go up or your credit score dips, you’ll keep the same terms throughout the entirety of the loan.

Loan limits vary, but you could qualify for $5,000 to even $100,000 depending on your credit. Seeking a personal loan of this size may be difficult.

When you finance with TFNB, you’ll enjoy our competitive interest rates. They often meet — or beat — the rates offered by national banks and lending institutions. You’ll also benefit from our local and accessible banking team. We offer consistent, dependable service from your first question to the final payment.

How can I apply?

If you need to finance a home project, visit a TFNB location to speak with a lending professional. We make financing quick and easy. After filling out an application and accepting the loan agreement, you could receive funds in a matter of days. Get started by reaching out to us using the form below.

What are Edge Accounts?

Home Improvement Loans
Home Improvement Loans
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Home Improvement Loans
Home Improvement Loans

Questions about home improvement loans? We can help!

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