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Our goal, as a community bank, is to be of service to the whole community — not just our customers. That’s why we make sure our team’s financial knowledge and experience doesn’t stop at our door. 

The TFNB Knowledge Center (which you happen to be in right now!) is our free collection of online articles and resources. It offers financial tips, explanations, and updates for the entire Waco area. It’s just another way we take our work “out of office” and into the community every day.

From APR to Z

This year, we’ve seen it’s impossible to control the external forces that impact our wallets, but we can control how we prepare for the unavoidable. Our Knowledge Center provides resources to help you better understand how to manage your dollars for a more financially secure future. 

Topics include:

  • How to set financial goals for your small business
  • Implementing healthy saving habits
  • The 6-step process of buying a home
  • How to teach kids about personal finance

No matter what your financial needs are — for yourself, your family, or your business — we have resources that can help.

Want to expand your financial understanding?

Did you know: about 4 in 10 Americans “have no idea” how their credit score is calculated? We have a great article about protecting your credit score, that explains the importance behind this number and how you can ensure yours is protected. 

Or, learn how we use CDs to offer unique savings opportunities that are different than a standard savings account.

Learn Something New in the TFNB Knowledge Center | TFNB Your Bank for Life

Ready to buy your first home?

Our First-Time Homebuyers Guide outlines what immediate and long-term costs you should budget for, how popular home financing solutions work, and more. Or, get a better idea of what the step-by-step process will look like in our other article, the 6 Steps of Buying a Home. If you’re considering building a custom home, this article will lay out the pros and cons of buying versus building in Waco. 


Getting close to retirement?

Retirement can be one of the most complicated and important things to plan for in your life. If you’ve researched how to save for retirement, you know there’s a lot of information out there. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to know what information is accurate. In our recent article, learn what’s true — and what’s not — when it comes to common myths about retirement savings. 


Shining a Light on Central Texans

Over the past few weeks, we’ve also used our Knowledge Center to highlight the people and programs we’ve been connecting with in the community. Our Out of Office series offers a shining example of how, in spite of all that 2020 has brought, incredible things are still happening every day in the Waco area.

Take Creative Waco’s artist entrepreneurship program, The Greenhouse. It helps artists and independent creatives cultivate their craft into a financially-successful business. We were proudly able to help craft The Greenhouse’s financial management curriculum, and we continue to offer funding awards to creatives who dream big. 

In October, we shared the stories of two of our recent Charity Champions: Esther’s Closet and Klaras Center for Families. While both organizations have very different missions, each is going above and beyond to reach those who need their services most: from women looking for a hand up and out of poverty, to children facing mental and behavioral health issues. 

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Just Getting Started

The best thing about our Knowledge Center is that we’re just getting started! We have a wealth of topics we’re excited to share.

As we continue to grow our Knowledge Center, we hope to:

  • Explain new or trending financial topics
  • Highlight local businesses and nonprofits
  • Promote local events that bring our community together
  • Give you the tools for financial success

Sharing knowledge and giving a platform to deserving people in our community are all part of our mission. Luckily, our online Knowledge Center makes it easier than ever. Check out all the great resources available now, and follow us on Facebook to catch our latest posts.

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