Meet Senior Vice President Clint Savage

By December 20, 2018People

Learn more about the another member of the TFNB Your Bank For Life Team, Clint Savage.

1) What’s Your Role at TFNB Your Bank For Life?

My primary function at TFNB Your Bank For Life is as a Senior Vice President banking officer of Consumer and Commercial Lending. I’ll be able to leverage my previous professional experiences (auditing, forensic accounting, and time as a lawyer) to assist the other leaders at the bank to ensure TFNB continues to realize outstanding growth and provide exceptional customer service to even more of the Central Texas population.

2) When you’re not at the bank, what are your hobbies?

Most of my free time is spent with my family which includes two children, two barn cats, a lab puppy, and a big but gentle quarter horse.  However, when I get time to myself, I like to spend time out in my shop building things, mostly woodworking type stuff.  I’ll make anything as long as there’s a creative idea behind it whether it be simple wall art, a kitchen island, or a conference table.  I have found that getting into a project provides a way to both clear my head and recharge, and helps keep me in balance.  I enjoy the traditional sporty and outdoorsy activities like golf as well, and I’d prefer to get to do things like that more often than I do.

3) 2019 is just a few weeks away. Will you be making a New Year’s resolution?

Historically I haven’t been a New Year’s resolution kind of person, but I did hit a milestone birthday about a month ago, which for better or worse has caused me to do quite a bit of reflecting on who I am and what I want to be.  This may be the first time I’ve defaulted to one of the most cliché of resolutions…to take better care of my health.  It’s easy to see that I was a healthier person ten years ago than I am today, and I am resolved to resurrecting some long-forgotten exercise habits.