Meet Creative and Social Strategist Gretchen McCormack

By August 17, 2018People
gretchen mccormack
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Learn more about the latest member of the TFNB Your Bank For Life Team, Gretchen McCormack.

1) What’s Your Role at TFNB Your Bank For Life?

I’m the Creative and Social Strategist (a newly created position). I foster relationships with current and prospective customers, assist with marketing and community outreach, and facilitate all bank-related event planning.

2) When you’re not at the bank, what are your hobbies?

I enjoy cooking, entertaining, home renovation, decorating, and spending time with my husband Sandy and our family and friends.

3) We hear you’re the queen of tailgating. What are some tips for a successful tailgate?

Hosting a great tailgate is easy: Make sure everyone feels welcome, have plenty of delicious food and cold beverages on hand, inspire everyone to rally around our team, and hope that Bruiser stops by. Sic ‘em Bears!