Real People, Real Close

You may be familiar with our “Real People, Real Close” slogan.  We developed it to describe the TFNB customer experience. We have a genuine concern about people’s financial needs, and we strive to be relationship bankers.  Decision makers are on the premises.   Service is quick, efficient and friendly.  And we will open two new locations in Waco in 2017.  To that end, we feel “Real People Real Close” is a true description of us.

Our staff of over 80 employees are professional and experienced.  Together we work diligently to truly serve our customers and community.  New employees are welcomed by tenured employees.  Fritz Matthies has worked in our downtown McGregor location since the 1970’s. Mike Beard is not far behind as are several other employees.  Considering TFNB is the oldest bank in McLennan County, it is not surprising that our staff’s combined number of years here is nearly 500.

“Banking at TFNB is like coming to La Fiesta, it’s an extension of my home. Everyone knows me, and the tellers and loan officers are familiar with my account and everyone is easy to work with.”  — Lynsey Castillo, La Fiesta/Fiesta Catering owner

“David Littlewood is genuinely interested in my business, and he understands my vision. I feel more like a partner than a customer.”  — Scott Pearson, Pearson Construction president

“With the help of TFNB,  my vision for franchising has become a reality.” — Butch Mogavero, Boulder Designs/Border Magic franchisor


Mike Beard

J. Michael Beard

Christy DeLeon

TFNB Board of Directors J. Edward Kultgen

J. Edward Kultgen

TFNB Board of Directors Eugene Wiethorn

Eugene Wiethorn

TFNB Board of Directors Charles Mooney

Charles Mooney

TFNB Leadership David Littlewood

David Littlewood

TFNB Board of Directors Fitz Mathies

Friedrich E. Matthies

TFNB Board of Directors Watson C. Arnold

Watson C. Arnold

TFNB Board of Directors Kevin Dobbs

Kevin Dobbs

TFNB Board of Directors Chip Wilson

Chip Wilson


TFNB Team Mike Beard

J. Michael Beard


(254) 751-3921 | MLO# 407718

TFNB Board of Directors Fitz Mathies

Friedrich E. Matthies

Exec VP / Trust Officer

(254) 751-3927 | MLO# 407719

TFNB Team Misti Veal

Misti Veal

Assistant Vice President

(254) 751-3927 | MLO# 407719

TFNB Team Jacarda Vigil

Jacaranda Vigil

VP Lending

(254) 751-3923 | MLO# 407720

TFNB Team Guillermo Melgarejo

Guillermo Melgarejo

Assistant Vice President

TFNB Team Gerardo Martinez

Gerardo Martinez

Assistant Vice President

TFNB Team Dortheia Love

Dortheia Love

Senior Vice President/Operations Manager

David Littlewood

David Littlewood


(254) 751-3920 | MLO# 407714

Christy DeLeon

Christy DeLeon, CPA

Executive VP / CFO

TFNB Board of Directors Kevin Dobbs

Kevin Dobbs

Executive Vice President/Lender

(254) 840-5235 | MLO# 407716

TFNB Team Marilyn Abel

Marilyn Abel

Senior Vice President

(254) 751-3930 | MLO# 407717

Penny Wiethorn

Vice President

TFNB Team Travis Kemp

Travis Kemp

Senior Credit Officer

TFNB Team Candice Redmon

Candice Redmon

Assistant Vice President

TFNB Team Adam Dooley

Adam Dooley

Senior Vice President/IT & Operations

TFNB Team Lori Young

Lori Young, SHRM-CP

Senior VP/Compliance Officer

TFNB Team Chris Luedeker

Chris Luedeker

Vice President

TFNB Team Isabel Martinez

Isabel Martinez

Banking Representative

TFNB Team Stephanie Glass

Stephanie Glass

Banking Officer/Note Dept. Supervisor

TFNB Team Jodie Gaylor

Jodie Gaylor

Vice President/Accounting/Trust Officer

TFNB Team Taylor Parker

Taylor Parker

Assistant Vice President/Credit Officer

TFNB Team Angela Auvine

Angela Urive

Customer Service Representative

TFNB McGregor Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin

Senior Vice President Controller

TFNB Team Emanuel Cardenas

Emanuel Cardenas

Banking Officer

TFNB Team Diane Castello

Diane Castello

Assistant Vice President

TFNB Team Charlotte Carrillo

Charlotte Carrillo

Banking Officer

Gladys Palomino

Loan Operations Officer