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Personal lending solutions from TFNB give you access to the funds you need to keep life going.

We offer lending solutions with competitive rates and simple repayment plans. Whether it’s buying your next vehicle or home, starting a remodeling project, or consolidating debt, we can find the solution for you.

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At TFNB, we offer the following loans and credit accounts:

Vehicle loans: Customize car payments to fit your budget. Our vehicle loans have competitive interest rates and a variety of term lengths. We give our customers the best interest rates. No additional markup or fine print.

Personal lines and loans: Personal loans offer you immediate funds in the form of a lump sum. Use them for anything from consolidating debt to paying for unexpected expenses. If you don’t need money upfront, consider opening a line of credit. It offers the same access to funds, but only pay interest on what you use.

Home loans: At every stage of homeownership, we have the loans you need to make a house a home. When you’re ready to buy, TFNB provides options. Choose from 30, 25, 20, and 15-year adjustable rate loans. Break ground on your dream home with our construction loans. Apply for a home improvement loan remodel or repair your forever home. And when you need to consolidate debt, use a home equity loan to get a lower rate and better tax advantages.

Agricultural loans: From new farm operations to historic ranches, we have loans to support Central Texas’ rich agricultural community. Work with our experienced team to buy or lease new equipment, consolidate debt, expand your operations, and more!

Credit cards: Apply for universally-accepted MasterCard World and/or low-rate cards. Schedule payments and check your balance from your TFNB online portal.

Build your credit score with personal lending solutions

Improving your credit score is a great way to improve your financial health. That’s because a higher credit score demonstrates proven credit experience. Following repayment terms on a loan or making regular payments on a credit card are effective ways to raise your credit score over time.

Credit reporting agencies takes into consideration many factors of your lending history, including:

  • History of credit: Making on-time, regular payments creates a history of financial responsibility. Your credit history plays a critical role in your overall credit profile.

  • Timeline of credit: How long you’ve held credit accounts is another key factor in calculating your score. If you’ve never used credit, getting started with a low-limit credit card or personal loan can be a great way to start establishing credit.

  • Credit usage: The amount of debt you currently hold — and what kind of debt — is also calculated in your score. Low credit card balances and paying down loans is a way to keep credit usage at a healthy rate.

  • Types of credit: Having a mix of credit sources, like a credit card, vehicle loan, and a home mortgage, is a positive factor in raising your score.

What are Edge Accounts?

Life's Edge Checking Accounts | TFNB

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