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Statement Savings Account

Statement Savings*


The Statement Savings account requires a minimum deposit of $100.00 and is an interest bearing account.

Limitations: Transfers and withdrawals made in person, by messenger, by mail, or at an ATM are unlimited. You may make six (6) transfers from your account each four (4) week or similar period if they are preauthorized or automatic transfers, or telephone (including data transmission agreement), or instruction to third parties.

Fees: There will be a monthly maintenance fee of $1.00 each statement cycle if the average collected daily balance in the account falls below $100.00 during a given cycle.

Activity Fee: $1.00 will be charged for each debit in excess of one (1) during a month.

Fees may reduce earnings.

*Must be of legal age to contract to open a deposit account.

What are Edge Accounts?

Statement Savings
Statement Savings
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Statement Savings
Statement Savings