“It afforded me an additional opportunity with a different audience to get our message out. Plus it was just plain fun!”

Charity Champion Winner Compassion Ministries

— Jill McCall, executive director

“We were thrilled to be introduced at the game and honor our veterans along with the Baylor team and fans. We appreciate the support received from TFNB, Baylor and our community.”

Charity Champion Winner Veteran One Stop

— DeLisa Russell, executive director

“We are grateful for the tremendous opportunity to take our message not only to our Waco community, but to many people statewide and beyond..”

Charity Champion Winner Fuzzy Friends Rescue

— Betsy Robinson, executive director

“The number of eyes and the number of people watching our video was unbelievable. It gave us more coverage in a small amount of time than we could ever hope for.”

Charity Champion Winner Mission Children's Home

— Tim Brown, president & CEO

“A young man came into our office, and he told me, ‘I’m proud of ya’ll,” and he wrote a check for $25,000, which was fabulous.”

Charity Champion Winner CareNet

— Deborah McGregor,CEO

“The 360 Solutions’ training has been superb for us because we’re looking strategically at issues, and we’re’ able to engage that thinking into what we’re already doing.”

Charity Champion Winner Caritas

— Buddy Edwards, executive director

“Through Charity Champions we are able to raise awareness not only of our organization and anniversary, but our specific needs, such as the building, as well.”

Charity Champion Winner Advocacy Center

— Barbara Wright, executive director

“I’m sure that the publicity around Charity Champions has literally saved lives in Waco.”

Charity Champion Winner Family Abuse Center

— Kathy Reid, executive director

“Our number one priority was climate control for our ReStore, which was about a $100,000 project. We met that goal in part because of Charity Champions.”

Charity Champion Winner Waco Habitat for Humanity

— Brenda Shuttlesworth, executive director