“The number of eyes and the number of people watching our video was unbelievable. It gave us more coverage in a small amount of time than we could ever hope for.”

— Tim Brown, president & CEO

“A young man came into our office, and he told me, ‘I’m proud of ya’ll,” and he wrote a check for $25,000, which was fabulous.”

— Deborah McGregor,CEO

“The 360 Solutions’ training has been superb for us because we’re looking strategically at issues, and we’re’ able to engage that thinking into what we’re already doing.”

— Buddy Edwards, executive director

“Through Charity Champions we are able to raise awareness not only of our organization and anniversary, but our specific needs, such as the building, as well.”

— Barbara Wright, executive director

“I’m sure that the publicity around Charity Champions has literally saved lives in Waco.”

— Kathy Reid, executive director

“Our number one priority was climate control for our ReStore, which was about a $100,000 project. We met that goal in part because of Charity Champions.”


— Brenda Shuttlesworth, executive director