TFNB Your Bank for Life to open 5th location on Elm Avenue.

By October 4, 2019Press Releases

Waco, Texas – TFNB Your Bank for Life will open a fifth location in East Waco on Elm Avenue continuing their mission of being Waco’s bank for life.

Mayor Pro Tem Andrea Barefield, who represents District 1 which includes the Historic Elm Avenue District, said that TFNB is meeting an unmet need in the community.

“In a time of economic renaissance in East Waco, a banking resource is vital,” Barefield said. “I am elated that TFNB will be opening a location in the Historic Elm Avenue District. The lack of bank-owned ATMs has inconvenienced East Waco for far too long. TFNB is committed to their part in seeing this community’s economy grow; providing institutional knowledge, access to capital, and financial education. The new location is a welcome game-changing development for our community.”

Dillon Meek who represents District IV and serves on the City Center Board of Directors said that this is great news for economic development in Waco.

“It is incredible news that TFNB will be the first bank to open a branch in East Waco.  Accessibility to bank services is critical for economic development. TFNB’s presence in East Waco is a vehicle to expedite economic prosperity in our city. I am thankful for TFNB‘s commitment to all of Central Texas.”

President and CEO of TFNB Your Bank for Life David Littlewood, believes it is vital that as a community bank, we serve all of Waco. 

“As a community bank, we do our best when our customers do well.  While due to technology brick & mortar isn’t always a vital necessity of taking care of customers; it is still extremely important as it relates to connecting with and showing a tangible commitment to a community.  It’s our desire to be a part of and connect with East Waco in East Waco not from across town.  We will have a full-service staff on site that will be there to meet their needs.  A community is as good as the sum of its parts. East Waco has some of the longest established businesses and neighborhoods in all of Waco.  To our knowledge, no financial institution has ever had a location in the heart of this core part of our city. It is shocking really; this is long overdue, and we are grateful for the opportunity to change that!”

Executive Director of City Center Waco, Megan Henderson agrees. 

“City Center Waco is committed to doing all we can to continue and foster the growth in East Waco. The need for financial services is something commonly expressed by businesses and residents here. We receive consistent feedback from the East Waco Community about the need for full range banking services,” Henderson said. “A bank has been number one on the list, and TFNB is stepping into that in a big way.”