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Waco, Texas (April 5, 2022)TFNB Your Bank for Life Bank and Holding Company Board Chairman Mike Beard announced promotions of two of the Bank’s longtime Executive Officers.

Christy De Leon (currently Executive VP & CFO) was named President & CFO, David Littlewood (currently President / CEO) was promoted to Chairman / CEO. These positions are held at both the bank and holding company levels. Mike Beard will serve as Chairman Emeritus, Director of both entities and continue in his role as a valued shareholder.

Mike Beard stated, “On behalf of the entire Board of Directors I would like to congratulate Christy on her achievements in her field and especially as it relates to her career here at the bank.”

Littlewood also stated, “Christy’s intellect, character and commitment to excellence has been an immeasurable attribute to the bank’s growth and success.”

Christy began her career at TFNB in 2008 as internal auditor, in addition to several years of experience with the bank from an external audit and loan review perspective. She was promoted to Executive Vice President and CFO in 2013. Christy has a passion for community banking, including making an impact in communities through personal and commercial banking as well as the bank’s influence on the local economy and improving it.

“Growing up on a cattle ranch instilled many values that I cherish and have applied in my professional and personal life, such as responsibility, teamwork, good work ethic and respect for life and for things built by those who came before us.” Christy’s CPA and accounting experience helped lay the foundation for a passion in the realm of community banking. Christy says one of the top things that drives her is knowing the impact that banks can have on the local economy and improving the quality of life in the surrounding communities.

Christy is a Certified Public Accountant and holds both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

Christy’s community and professional involvement include Council for Life Central Texas Board Member & Advocacy Chair, Journey Christian Community, Crawford Youth Basketball Association, TFNB Your Bank for Life Charity Champions & Learners for Life, Texas Bankers’ Association Executive Management Panelist and Greater Waco Chamber Leadership Waco Graduate & Planning Committee.

In addition, Beard and the entire board of directors expressed their congratulations to David Littlewood on his appointment to serve as Chairman of the Board / CEO.

David is a Waco native with almost 40 years in the area as a community banker. He also has an extensive background in credit, having worked in the distressed asset acquisition business and handling large problem credits for a bank holding company. Since joining TFNB in 2000, Littlewood has served as Chief Credit Officer, President and as a Director of TFNB. In 2016, he was also named CEO. Under his leadership, the bank has established a formidable presence in Waco and beyond. David and his experience provide a vision and philosophy for the evolution of true community banking in today’s world. The bank’s focus is to maintain relevance in a fast-paced, changing world without losing the personal aspect that is so important.

Littlewood believes that it’s the responsibility of local community banks to provide support and resources to grow and strengthen our communities. In his view, supporting the community through volunteerism, philanthropy and simply being an anchor corporate citizen are essential functions of community banking beyond making loans and taking deposits. As such, supporting the community is more than a just a core value of the bank, it’s part of their foundation with roots that run deep. TFNB’s mission is to help define what Community Banking means to the communities they serve.

A few areas of service and recognition include serving as Director and Board President of the McGregor Chamber of Commerce / Economic Development, Ridgewood Country Club (BOD), Establishment of TFNB Charity Champions & Learners for Life, Corporate recipient of the Texas Treasure Business Award, National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Philanthropic Business or Corporation Award, Member of the Waco Chamber of Commerce (BOD), Nightlight Christian Adoptions (BOD), CASA of McLennan County (BOD), Covenant Member of Harris Creek Baptist Church and Founding Co-Chair of Council for Life Central Texas.

Founded as The First National Bank of McGregor in 1889, TFNB is the oldest bank in McLennan County and the seventh oldest national bank in Texas still operating under its original charter. In 1957, we moved from our original location at 217 S. Main in McGregor, Texas to a more modern building across the street and two blocks south at 401 S. Main, where our downtown McGregor location is standing today.

About TFNB

TFNB was purchased in the 1960s by a group of area businessmen. Two stakeholders were Pat Beard and David Kultgen, lifelong business and law partners. In addition to banking, the two established Waco’s prominent law firm, Beard, Kultgen, Brophy, Bostwick, Dickson & Squires. Pat Beard’s son Mike Beard was hired by the bank after graduating from college, moved to McGregor and since June 1981 has served in just about every role at the bank. It was Mike Beard’s vision to grow the bank’s footprint beyond McGregor.

It was with that goal in mind Mike Beard hired Waco native and banker David Littlewood to join him in McGregor in February 2000. Littlewood brought years of banking experience as well as numerous connections to TFNB and McGregor. In the years since Littlewood joined the bank, his relationship with Beard has become a partnership that has stood the test of time. In 2000 the bank had approximately $65 million in assets and today has grown to just under $800 million in total assets with five locations in Central Texas.

In continuing to execute Mike Beard and David Littlewood’s vision for the bank’s future, TFNB has built a team consisting of a new generation of bankers who will help lead the bank. That group is comprised of what we believe is the best talent in our market and beyond. The bank remains locally owned and in 2015 formed an ESOP to bring our leadership / employee team into the ranks of ownership. At 133 years old, TFNB Your Bank for Life is just getting started!


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