TFNB Connects With WISD

By September 27, 2017Press Releases
Learners for Life Powered by TFNB

About 80 fourth graders at J.H. Hines Elementary School will combine Texas history, digital learning and storytelling when “Learners for Life” launches October 12th, announced TFNB Your Bank for Life today.

“Learners for Life” is a new partnership between TFNB and the Waco Independent School District, focused on the four Waco ISD schools that were selected to receive the Apple ConnectED grant.  As part of the grant, Apple provided all of the teaching and learning resources each of the schools would need in order to create a transformative and engaging learning environment, including an iPad for every student and professional learning for teachers. The goal for “Learners for Life” is to provide students educational opportunities so they can apply digital learning to enhance storytelling.

On October 12th, “Learners for Life” kicks off when J.H. Hines students, armed with iPads, travel to the Texas Capitol in Austin for a history lesson that combines a scavenger hunt, a photo walk, and creation of a presentation. On their tour, students will discover and document the Capitol’s history and architecture. Students will work with Apple creative professionals to develop presentational stories from photos and video clips captured at the Capitol. Then, back at school, they’ll share their presentations with other students, teachers and parents. 

“We are thrilled that TFNB chose to partner with J.H. Hines Elementary,” said Stephanie Hines, WISD community partnership specialist.  “This field trip will allow fourth-grade students an excellent opportunity to take their iPad enrichment experience beyond the four walls of their classroom.”

The idea of a TFNB-WISD partnership was sparked as a result of learning more about the ways WISD was utilizing technology in the classroom.

“After learning about the great ways WISD students were using technology in the classroom, I quickly realized how we could help these students leverage the power of learning and storytelling by getting them out of their day-to-day classroom setting,” said David Littlewood, president of TFNB.  “The Texas Capitol is an excellent opportunity for this, as are field trips here in Central Texas such as SpaceX and Homestead Heritage.”

As a local partner with the ConnectED Waco schools, Littlewood says he hopes TFNB’s “Learners for Life” will broaden students’ experiences and allow them to put into practice how a tool, such as iPad, can help tell a compelling story.

Hines says that partnerships between WISD schools and local businesses or organizations take place districtwide across all of the campuses through the Adopt-a-School Program.  The program is designed to facilitate support and help fulfill the different needs of students, teachers and staff on the campus level.  “We are thankful for each and every one of our partnerships,” said Hines.

Since students use iPads primarily on the campus of J.H. Hines, TFNB will give each fourth grader an over-the-shoulder carrying case to keep their iPad from getting damaged on field trips.  The bank will also give each student a “Capitol Connection” t-shirt to wear to Austin. J.H. Hines, Kendrick, Bells Hill and Provident Heights are the four Waco ISD schools to be awarded Apple’s ConnectED grant in October 2014. A total of 114 underserved schools across the U.S. were awarded the grant.