The benefits of having a banker

The Benefits of Having a Waco Banker | TFNB

“The true strength of any relationship is measured in bad times, not good.”

Miles J. Stanford

I would wager that for many of us, right now feels like the “bad times.” 

With a global pandemic, the ever-changing news cycle, and political uncertainty, we are all feeling the toll of 2020. It can feel overwhelming, especially if you have lost your job, seen a cut in wages, or are just worried about the financial future and wellbeing of you and your family.

As humans, relationships are what can carry us through difficult moments. One relationship you may not have considered — but one that can be instrumental now and throughout your life — is with a banker. There is a distinct difference between having access to a bank and having a relationship with a banker.

Most anyone can have access to a bank. Think about it: the bank itself is a thing; it is sterile and transactional. However, a relationship with a banker, not just a bank, gives you access to a financial partner: someone invested in your success. You may not appreciate it when times are good, but in times like these (that we find ourselves in as I write this), it can make all the difference. 

As a community bank employee, I’m lucky to work at an organization that has a legacy of putting people first. Today, even though much of the banking industry has shifted to less personal solutions, we still invest in people and relationships beyond a credit score. We believe high touch and high tech can (and should) be mutually inclusive.  We’ve seen the long-term benefits that real relationships offer both us and the community we serve.  

A Trusted Sounding Board

Whether it’s good times or bad, you know better than anyone your business plans, hopes for your family, and long-term personal goals. Your personal Waco banker knows better than anyone how to apply the best banking solutions to help you reach those goals. Their expertise and guidance can help arm you with the tools needed to navigate most any storm.  

By sharing your worries, hopes, and dreams with your banker, you can trust you’ll receive expert advice from a partner that understands your personal vision. It’s a conversation between you and someone who has listened to your story. 

At TFNB, our bankers are here to have the conversations you need — the exciting ones and the tough ones. Whether it’s for personal or commercial needs, a trusted sounding board can offer peace of mind and invaluable help during the good times — but especially during the bad. 

The Benefits of Having a Banker | TFNB Waco and McGregor

The Right Tools and Resources

A banker can play the role of both confidant and teacher. They can guide you through some of the more confusing aspects of financial management. They’ll show you and explain to you all the tools and resources that will benefit you.

While you may be able to access some of these services on your own, bankers can offer you professional advice and support. 

Matching the Right Loan Application

Relationships are important when you need a helping hand. If you’re applying for a loan or line of credit, your banker can help identify the best loan application to fit your request. 

They’ll also likely be involved in the approval process. While we use technology to help us analyze applications, our TFNB family still make financial decisions. Getting to know your banker can mean they know the real person behind the loan, not just the application.


Your Waco banker knows and works with many local professionals who can be excellent business resources. Asking them to connect you with their contacts can prove more valuable than you’d think. 

If you own a business, this connection may help you find possible investors, vendors, and partners for your business. If you are not a business owner, local contacts like real estate agents, insurance companies, attorneys, and CPAs can still be of great value to you. 

Build Relationships: Now More Than Ever

Today, I encourage you to invest in your relationships. These past few months have reminded us once again why it’s important to have someone to talk to. 

At TFNB, we have professionals that will take the time to listen to your short-term needs and long-term goals. As your financial partner, we will be there through every up and down in life’s journey. 

Whether you need help managing your mortgage, applying for a loan, or planning what the next few months may bring, contact us and meet your Waco banker today.


Jason Lavender is SVP of Strategic Initiatives at TFNB Your Bank for Life. TFNB is a 130-year-old organization serving thousands of customers in central Texas. It is the oldest bank charter in McClennan County and the seventh oldest in the state of Texas.