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Trust Services

Make sure your money is in good hands with TFNB’s trust services. Our experienced trust officers can help you find ways to protect the future of your assets.

Let us help you with trust administration and investment management. Learn more about our services below.

Reach out to TFNB trust services today to create a plan for protecting your hard-earned money.

Trust Services at TFNB

A trust can expand your options when it comes to managing your assets. Use a trust to protect your wealth from extra taxes or make sure it goes to the right people after you pass away. With a trust, a third party like TFNB can hold and manage assets on behalf of your beneficiary.

Trust services aren’t just for the wealthy. Anyone can use trust services. More people every day are discovering the benefits of trusts.

Our trust department helps with the administration of trusts, estates, conservatorships, agencies, escrows, and custodial accounts. We give you peace of mind that your money and assets are being used the way you want.

Trust administration

We take care of the administration side of your trust fund. That means we collect dividends, pay the right beneficiaries, and file tax returns.

Trust administration is a good option if you want to leave behind specific property or assets. This even includes intellectual property like a patent. Based on your needs, TFNB bankers can follow trust terms and perform any of the following tasks:

  • Serve as a sole trustee or co-trustee along with a trusted family member or friend. When needed, we will make decisions based on how you set up the trust.
  • Disburse checks and property under the trust terms. We will make sure beneficiaries receive the assets you want them to have. This could include bill payments, school tuition, buying a house, and more.
  • Manage and report on all securities. This may include gathering and safe-keeping stock certificates, bonds, and other assets from investment managers or other partners. We can also file both state and federal taxes.

Investment management

In addition to trust administration, we also offer help with investments. Our trust services team not only manages trust assets but can invest according to how you want.

We can diversify your investments with low-risk stocks, bonds, cash, and private investments.

Additional services

Outside of traditional trust funds, our trust services team can help you establish other accounts, too. We also offer Property Management for Farm, Commercial and Residential properties, as well as Agency and Custodian Services, Keogh, and IRA plans.

Contact TFNB Trust Services

If you want to establish a trust, we can help set it up in the best way to fit your needs. When it comes to the future of your wealth, our trust department can help. Please visit one of our locations to meet with an experienced trust services officer.

  • Not FDIC insured
  • Not insured by a government agency
  • Not a deposit or guarantee by the bank or any bank affiliate
  • Subject to investment risk, including possible loss of the principle amount invested

What are Edge Accounts?

Trust Services
Trust Services
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Trust Services
Trust Services

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