Why TFNB is Shamica Evans’ Bank for Life

By March 2, 2020People, Testimonials, Videos

Shamica Evans runs “Waffle Chic” – a popular chicken and waffles business in Waco, Texas. She fondly remembers her mom and grandmother making chicken and waffles from scratch when she was a child. Shamica decided to start her own chicken and waffles business with healthier options. In addition to regular chicken and waffles, customers can order gluten-free, vegan, and protein waffle options.

When she wanted to bring a chicken and waffle business to Waco, she teamed up with TFNB Your Bank For Life to take Waffle Chic from dream to reality! She’s currently taking catering orders, and plans to upgrade to a food truck soon.

Do you have a dream that you’d like to turn into a business? Let TFNB Your Bank For Life help you get started. Stop by any of our four locations today, or visit tfnbtx.com to learn more.