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What Does ‘Your Bank for Life’ Really Mean?

The phrase is to be interpreted three ways —  We are going to take care of you 1. wherever you are in life, 2. for your lifetime, and 3. wherever you are geographically.

Every life is basically a journey.  For some, we go to school, maybe college, get a job, marry, start a new business, buy a house, have children, buy a larger house, send kids to college, pay for a wedding, become a grandparent, and settle in our final resting place.  Most likely in one or more of these stages of life, you will need a bank.  So no matter where you are in life, we want to help.

Your bank for life also suggests that for the span of your entire life — from beginning to end — TFNB can be the only bank you or your children will ever need. For example, soon you will become a parent, so you set up a savings account for your child.  That child turns 16, and you co-sign a car loan.  Then that child becomes an adult and needs a loan for the first home. You get the picture.

Banking at TFNB has no geographic boundaries. You need not live in McGregor, Waco, Texas or the United States for that matter.  And this is not new for us.  Watch this :30 video about a Jeanette McGinnis’ deposits while in school out of the U.S. in the 1920’s.

What Differentiates TFNB from Competitors?

At many banks, decision makers never meet the customers nor really understand the customers’ stories or dreams.  At TFNB, the decision makers hear directly from customers; information is not handed down (or up), and no hands are tied.

Some customers prefer mobile banking, but at some banks, the technology is too complicated, the mobile app freezes or mobile deposits are limited by amount. TFNB’s technology is simple, and if by chance you have a problem, our staff is there for you, literally.

We aim for authentic.  To us, customers are not transactions, rather they are our partners. And we prefer for our customers tell our stories in our marketing. Although we can dress like a typical banker, most of the time our guys are dressed in jeans and boots.

Community is important to us.  We develop programs, such as Charity Champions, that benefit nonprofit organizations, and in turn the community.  We would love to see a bank in another community emulate Charity Champions.

Some TFNB customers span four generations.  Starting with the great grandparents many years ago, we have served several customer families for 80+ years.

We have an extremely rich history, unlike any other bank in McLennan County.

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