Customer Highlight: Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante

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Massimo and Kristen Di Campli came to TFNB Your Bank for Life to finance their dream of opening an authentic Italian restaurant in Waco, TX.

It had always been Massimo’s dream. He grew up in Abruzzo, Italy, about three hours outside of Rome. He helped his parents run their restaurant from a young age.

“Some people dream of being a professional football player,” said Massimo. “I knew from working with my parents that one day I wanted to open my own restaurant.”

Kristen is from Waco. The two met while Kristen was vacationing with friends in the Cayman Islands. Massimo had been living there for a number of years.

“I swear, we were on the beach, he kicked a soccer ball over, and the rest is history,” said Kristen.

When the couple decided to put down roots in Kristen’s hometown, Massimo looked around to see if opening of an authentic Italian Restaurant made sense in Waco.

“It was definitely missing from the area,” said Massimo. “A place that’s good for both families and date night. Where businessmen and friends could get together and enjoy Italian food, wine, and cocktails all made with fresh ingredients.”

They reached out to Kevin Dobbs at TFNB Your Bank for Life to get started.

“They really guided us. They were so great,” says Kristen. “They helped us more than we thought. We were considering going one way and they recommended another route that made more sense for us.”

The Di Camplis applied for financing through the SBA (Small Business Administration). TFNB Your Bank for Life helped them navigate the process as an SBA Preferred Lender.

Now, after lots of hard work, Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante is open for business at the intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 84. They serve a variety of authentic Italian dishes, including Saltimbocca and Swordfish Picatta.

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