SBA Customer Los Vaqueros featured in National Publication

By August 7, 2020General

When people say they can’t eat healthy when they eat out, maybe it’s just time for a change of scenery.  SBA customer Los Vaqueros was recently recognized in the Men’s Health article “The Miracle of Fort Worth” for showing people just how it can, and is being done.  The article focused on the how the city is bucking the trend of obese cities by offering healthier alternatives to its citizen. Los Vaqueros was featured because of their healthy “Blue Zone” menu. We are incredibly proud to have a TFNB customer featured in a national publication! Here’s an except from the article:

Los Vaqueros is a Fort Worth institution, and it often does several thousand meals a night. In August 2015, co-owner Vicki Cisneros debuted the new Blue Zones menu, with only about 5 percent of the items specially marked. Gaining Blue Zones certification involves making a number of nudge-like changes, such as: “Do riot offer soda, chocolate milk, or fruit juices as default beverages for children ‘s meals” and “Offer half-size portions of top-selling entrees,” to support customers trying to have a lower caloric intake.

At Los Vaqueros, soft drinks were removed from the children’s menu. Salt and pepper shakers were taken off the tables. It started serving one-egg omelets for brunch, and a plate-sharing charge was dropped. Cisneros still laughs about how people reacted. On the day of the new-menu launch , a crew of large men came in and sat down to order, but the hostess forgot to give them anything other than the Blue Zones breakfast menu. Rather than question it, they all got fruit and smaller omelets. The sales of Blue Zones items increased over the first year and have kept climbing.

Read the rest of the Men’s Health article and learn how Fort Worth has made becoming healthier city a top priority.

You can find Los Vaqueros in Fort Worth’s Historic Stockyards District.

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