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Saving helps you prepare for the future.

We can help!


Last-minute expenses, vacations, and medical bills are an inevitable fact of life. Are you prepared? Establish strong saving habits and make sure you’re ready for what tomorrow brings.

Ready to get started?

Save More with TFNB

We offer:

  • Rewards.

  • Competitive interest rates with a low minimum balance.

  • No monthly maintenance fees as long as you maintain a required minimum balance.

  • Savings accounts insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.

Choose the account that works for you:

Edge Ahead Savings Account: All you need is a $50 minimum deposit to open this high-interest savings account. Earn 0.75% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on your Edge Ahead balance up to $100,000, 0.25% APY on balances in excess of $100,000.00 if monthly qualifications are met* on your paired Extra Edge or Cash Edge Checking account. That’s better than the national average of 0.09%. Earn more interest on your hard-earned savings.

*Note – Required reward qualifications of the Cash Edge and Extra Edge Checking accounts are: one (1) direct deposit, ACH debit, or Bill Pay transaction per month, log into online banking at least once a month, and a minimum of twelve (12) debit card transactions ($5 min. per transaction) per month.

Statement Savings Account: Looking for a traditional savings account? Our Statement Savings account is a great place to park your money. The only requirement is a $100 minimum deposit.

Kids Life Savings Club: Teach your kids the benefit of saving while they’re still young! Our Kids Life Saving Club is for TFNB customers 17-years-old or younger. With fun deposit incentives, teach your children the value of a dollar. No minimum deposit required. Parent or guardian must be a joint account owner.

Health Savings Account: Use our health savings account to pay for healthcare-related expenses. This account offers great tax advantages. Unlike employer-sponsored FSAs, you never lose unused money.

Why you should start saving today:

Savings accounts are part of any sound financial portfolio and offer unique benefits, such as:

Quick access to funds: If all your money is in investments, what happens when the unexpected happens? Savings accounts offer liquidity when emergencies pop up.

Grow your wealth: Every dollar saved is a step towards financial independence. Pay off your debt, invest in stocks and bonds, or whatever else brings you financial security.

Don’t take on needless debt: Avoid the need for loans or credit cards. Save your credit for buying the things that really matter. A savings safety net gives you more financial options when the unexpected comes up.

Save up for something: Fund your dreams with the right plan. Are you dreaming of a lake house? Maybe a vacation to an exotic beach? Save up for what you want and make your dreams a reality.

What are Edge Accounts?

Personal Savings
Personal Savings
Life's Edge Checking Accounts | TFNB
Personal Savings
Personal Savings

Open an account today!

Inspired to begin your savings journey? We would love to help you find the savings account that’s right for you.