Old-Fashioned Customer Service in the Digital Age

Old-Fashioned Customer Service in the Digital Age of Banking

When making a quick trip to the grocery store, self-checkout may work well for you. Ordering food online is fast and convenient. All around us, modern technology is making our world more convenient. But, when it comes to your finances, do you want to be just another transaction?  

If not, you’re part of the 66 percent of people who say they are uncomfortable with banks using artificial intelligence (AI) for financial help. You understand the benefit of human bankers protecting your money and giving you personalized advice.  

TFNB Your Bank For Life has many modern conveniences that let you manage money your way. Mobile banking, Apple Pay, and other modern technologies are helpful and nice. But here’s why it’s still a good idea to have a human managing your money. Call us “old-fashioned,” but we think it’s important.

Great Banking Customer Service is at TFNB in Waco

Service Based on Your Needs

Nothing about your needs, dreams, or financial plans is generic. Your life is nuanced. It takes a human to recognize that.  

When you work with TFNB, we want to understand your situation. We want to step into your shoes and learn about your hopes and dreams. We also want to understand your struggles. When we understand who you are and what your goals are, we can help you make smart financial decisions. This is different than digital banking software that expects you to be the expert. Our experienced staff is here to listen. We work through your needs with you. 

A Lasting Relationship

A community bank offers customer service that not only helps you financially, but builds a relationship with you. Sure, banking apps, automated phone systems, and AI chatbots are helpful. But, do you feel valued after an interaction?  

Imagine walking into a bank and the first person you see greets you by name. Imagine sitting down and having a personal conversation with your banker before diving into the numbers. Financial planning and decision making can be high-stress situations. Seeing a friendly, familiar face can ease your mind and reassure you that you’re not alone on your financial journey.    

Over time, a good banker understands your needs and can get ahead of your goals for you. They become invested in your family, job, and goals. You can trust them to work in your best interest. TFNB won’t treat you like an account number.

TFNB Texas Knows Customer Service in Banking is Important

Real People, Real Close

As a community bank, TFNB Your Bank For Life specializes in this kind of customer service. We employ local Texans who build authentic connections with each customer. We think that’s the best way to treat our customers. This is true even in the digital age. Touch screens and automated response centers may help banks cut costs, but they do so at the expense of great customer service.

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